Blueendless BS-HC3WF USB 2.0 Expansion Device Wireless WIFI Repeater Data Transfer Card Reader

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Blueendless BS-HC3WF USB 2.0 Expansion Device Wireless WIFI Repeater Data Transfer Card Reader

Item No.:BS-HC3WF
Input USVoltage: 5V ±5% Current: 1A
Output Voltage: 5V ±5% Current: 0.5A/1A USB2.0: 480Mbps
RJ45 port10/100Mbps , support LAN/WAN 
WiFiFrequency Band : 2.4GHz
Transmitting : 1T1R
AP function, supports more than 10 users
support WEP64/128, WPA, WPA2, WAPI
802.11 b/g/n, 300Mbps
Strong and stable WiFi single, can receive it within 50m.
Each customized antennas have been detected by specialized equipment. 
Have strength on signal search, online speed 
Signal strength, and network stability
I/O port3.3V ±10%

1. Our product is a portable wireless router, it is also a WIFI converter. It is mobile switching device, for high-speed data exchange with computer via USB or WIFI network. It adds wireless transmission function in the traditional mobile switching device.
2. Download"KI Router" APP for remote wireless management.


1. Convert external wired USB devices into wireless storage;
2. Support remote storage access (private personal cloud) via customized app;
3. 24h uninterruptedly working while connected with a 5V/2A input charging;
4. Equiped with Kimax or customized app for Android or IOS;
5. Works with hundreds of HTTP/FTP/WebDAV/DLNA/uPnP/PTP/SMB/Samba client apps;
6. Supports FAT32/HFS/HFS+/NTFS/exFAT/EXT 2/3 file formats;
7. Portable pocket size, the best digital companion with multi functions;
8. Self-generated WiFi for 5-person media (videos, photos, and music ) sharing & streaming via app (300Mbps);
9. NAS function: (by cable or wirless bridge connected to other LAN, making multi devices simultaneously sharing);
10. Wireless Bridge: bridge an existing wireless network, create secure Wi-Fi network, share with friends or families;
11. Backup Storage: transfer files between usb drives, TF/SD card and your devices(phone/tablet/pc), creating free more space up for your devices.

Switch For Wireless Router:
1. Turn ON/OFF wireless router after insert RJ 45 cable;
2. WiFi Indicator: Light on while WiFi works;
3. Internet Indicator: Light on while connect to LAN;
4. Data Indicator: Light flash while date read and write;
5. Power Indicator: Light on while get power;
6. TF Card Slot: support TF card to transfer data via USB;
7. SD Card Slot: support SD card to transfer data via USB;
8. Reset Button: Turn on WiFi, press the button for 10’S to reset defaults;
9. USB2.0 HUB: Support external USB mobile device, such as mobile phone, U disk, HDD;
10. RJ45 WAN port: Insert RJ45 cable for WAN connecting.

Package included:

1x Blueendless USB2.0 Wireless Repeater