Combo Siêu Máy Bay Trực Thăng Align T-Rex 700Xn

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One Size
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Combo Siêu Máy Bay Trực Thăng Align T-Rex 700Xn

T-REX 700XN adopts the new direct to swashplate servo design, compared to the previous generation T-REX 700N’s push-pull mode control, provides precise and fast control! Utilizing the 700X Flybarless Rotor Head System features an extremely low Center of Gravity (CG) design, to effectively reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers, and increase flight responsiveness and precision. This designed maintains a 90-degree symmetrical angle between the Rotor Grip Arms and Linkage Rods for superior stable flight performance. The Engineered Narrow Body Design efficiently decrease gear abrasion and frame deformation during flight. The T-REX 700XN maintains the proper CG, by moving the engine forward to allow the fuel tank to be positioned in the center of the main shaft. CG remains consistent as the fuel level changes during flight.


T-REX 700XN Kit Set x 1 set
700 Carbon Fiber Blades x 1 set
106mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades x 1 set
DS820M High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3
DS825M High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1
DS530 Digital Servo x 1
B6TX 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator Combo x 1
Governor Sensor x 1

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
Receiver(7-channel or more)
Engine starter x 1
Fuel pump x 1
91~105 Engine x 1
Engine fuel x 1
Digital Pitch Gauge

Length: 1346mm
Height: 384mm
Width: 202mm
Main Blade Length: 700mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1570mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 281mm
Motor Drive Gear:13T
Main Drive Gear:107T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
Tail Drive Gear: 22T
Drive Gear Ratio: 8.23:1:4.73
Fuel Tank Capacity: 630cc.
Takeoff Weight: Approx. 4540g