Khung Thành Bóng Đá Dành Cho Trẻ Em Trong Nhà- Ngoài Trời Để Đào Tạo Trẻ

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Khung Thành Bóng Đá Dành Cho Trẻ Em Trong Nhà- Ngoài Trời Để Đào Tạo Trẻ

This element is ideal for junior footballers to practice their shot accuracy or just have fun and play some shooting games.
120 * 33inch Football goal is a perfect size for any backyard and youth football player age 4-12.
High-performance steel frame comes in 10 pieces and includes seamlessly. Use net clips to attach the net to yourself around the frame of the network and you are ready to play!
Light, economical and practical to use, it could also be dismantled for convenient storage if it is not in use.
It is made of eco-friendly PVC. Thicker than other PVC targets, durable to use.
It is an ideal gift for your children.
Football matches develops coordination, motor skills and promotes an active lifestyle. Start practicing with your kids!

100% brand new and high quality
Material:PVC, Polypropylene
Overall Size: 120*45*71cm(47.2"x 17.7"x 27.9")
Package Size:570x160x60mm
Color: White

Package includes
1x Football Training Set