Máy Bay Trực Thăng Rc Hồng Ngoại Siêu Nhỏ Qs Qs5010 3.5Ch Với Chế Độ Con Quay 2

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Máy Bay Trực Thăng Rc Hồng Ngoại Siêu Nhỏ Qs Qs5010 3.5Ch Với Chế Độ Con Quay 2

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coustomer video

QS5010 3.5CH RC Helicopter,You can fly Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Turn Right, Turn Left. With a gyroscope to let you fly more stable and arbitrary. Mini helicopter, suitable for everyone in your family to enjoy the fun of flying anywhere. Four colors, all you do want to have. This QS QS5010 3.5CH Mini Micro IR RC Helicopter has two different types of canopy(will be sent random).

Flight real shot

QS QS5010 Super Mini Infrared 3.5CH RC Helicopter has two different types of canopy(will be sent random).

Brand: Qingsong
Model: QS5010
Main Rotor Diameter: 3.35" / 85mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 0.79" / 20mm
Required Radio: 3.5Channel
Flight Time: About 6 minutes
Charging Time: About 25minutes
Helicopter Battery    Rechargeable: 75mAh Lithium Battery
Transmitter Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries (Not Included)
Control Distance: 10-15meters
Body Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow,Black,blue,red(randomly sent)
Weight: 4.23oz/120g
Suitable for: Ages 14+

It’s simple, sturdy construction is perfect for first-time pilots
Semi-micro size and light weight, easy to control
High tenacity propeller, high efficiency, driving motor and surge power
With infrared function, it is advance and high-tech
Flexibly control it by radio control function
Good capability of anti-interference while remote controlling and feel fit of the transmitter
Built in Gyroscope for extreme stability and precision
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying
Suitable for people above 14 years old 

Package Includes
1 x Helicopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x User Manual