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Máy Hút Bụi Cầm Tay Không Dây Cầm Tay Dibea Lw-200
Máy Hút Bụi Cầm Tay Không Dây Cầm Tay Dibea Lw-200
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Máy Hút Bụi Cầm Tay Không Dây Cầm Tay Dibea Lw-200

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    Charging voltage 100~240V

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-- Dibea LW-200 Hand-held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Will Come Soon --

Distressed by Loud Noise Vacuum?
Disturbed by Tangled Cable?
Looking for Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner?

Get Dibea LW-200 Cordless Handheld Vacuum, Meet All Your Requirement :)
Vacuum Once, Clean at Once

Description :
Dibea LW-200 Hand-held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Portable Pet Hair Dust Busters

Hand-held vacuum cleaner delivers consistent 5000PA strong suction for maximum vacuum performance, can suck large items like mobile phone, book, etc. Great for upholstery, carpets, floors, stairs, table, chair, cabinet and narrowest places in your home and car.

Features :

● Lightweight and Cordless : Weighing only at 2.4 pounds, you can clean everywhere without tangling.Still provides an impressive 5Kpa of power, thorough clean without compromising on the maneuverability
● Wet & Dry Cleaning : 2-in-1 functionality for debris pick-up and liquid spill clean-up, help you complete a wide range of cleaning up tasks.
● Low Noise : The vacuum cleaner lowers its noise to 65dB when operating, which is quieter than most handheld and no need to worry about disturbing your kids and shocking your pets again
● Easy to Empty & Clean : A washable & removable clear 0.6L large dust container is simple to be detached and emptied with a button, allow you to empty debris without stress.
● Multifunctional Accessories : Delivers outstanding power and performance. Also the pet hair brush can easily pick up pet hair, delivers the power needed for fast results.

Note :
The advantage of delivery
Can't  stand for 45 days delivery? Form now on, european customer can chose European Direct Mail, which will only cost only 7-15 days.
Not only super fast delivery time. What's more, we will also take care of the custom fee, Save not just your money but time
Specification :
Brand Dibea
Model LW-200
ColorGrey & White
Usage TypeDry & Wet
Water Capacity<150ml
Using time 20 - 25 minutes
Charging time4 - 5 hours
Dust tank capacity600ml
Adapter input100 - 240V 50 / 60Hz 0.2A 
Adapter outputAC 19V 250mA
Rated power100W
Lithium-ion battery capacity2000mAh
Power adapter CN Plug (banggood will provide a free mini&safe adaptor according to your country)
Product size 42.00 x 13.00 x 13.50 cm / 16.54 x 5.12 x 5.31 inches
Net weight About 2.43 pounds

Package Included :

1 x Dibea LW-200 Hand-held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Brush Nozzle
1 x Crevice Nozzle
1 x Rubber Nozzle
1 x Pet Brush
1 x Brush Conversion Head
1 x Brush Head
2 x Extension Tube
1 x Charging Base (CN Plug)
1 x User Manual


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