Mồi Câu Cá 57Cm Rc Công Cụ Tìm Cá Từ Xa 5,4Km / H Đồ Chơi Động Cơ Đôi 500M

Mã sản phẩm: 1384800
Trọng lượng: 4.586 kg
Lượt xem: 495
Màu sắc/ Option
Color Green
Color Red
Đặt hàng và thanh toán hôm nay: Giao hàng dự kiến từ 01-07-2019 đến 23-07-2019
Mồi Câu Cá 57Cm Rc Công Cụ Tìm Cá Từ Xa 5,4Km / H Đồ Chơi Động Cơ Đôi 500M

Basic informationColor:Green red
Max speed:5.4km/h
Power System
Motor:double motors
TransmitterFrequency: 43Mhz
Battery:4X 1.5v AA(not included)
Control distance:about 400-500m
BatteryBattery: 7.4V  8800mAh  Lipo(included)
Charging time:about 5.5-6h
Using time:about 3h
OtherMaterial:ABS plastic and electric components
Load capacity:about 2.5kg
DimensionBoat Size:57x28.5x19(L*W*H)
Packaging size:62x36*27cm(L*W*H)

1.3 hours of battery life, resistant to 5 winds
2..500m remote control distance, 2KG load, can be used continuously for 3 hours
3.T6-JI chip, 500m farther control, PVC float, TNT integrated molding, 8800mah battery
4. The hull uses PVC hard shell and stainless steel waterproof board
5. The remote control uses a special charger, charging time 5.5-6.5h
6. Upgrade the host protection, delay the operation command to avoid the turnaround start, the current is too large to damage the motherboard, and improve the service life.

1. Remote control switch: Turn on the power, the power indicator light is always red
2. Left and right control: Forward forward for the same time, backward for backward, separate for direction adjustment
3. Variable speed control: The left and right motor speeds are not synchronized. Press the shift control button to adjust the motor speed.
4. Tapping switch: After reaching the nesting place, press the nesting switch, and the private chat box is randomly opened.
5. Note: When using the boat, you need to open the switch and remote control switch.

Package included:
1x rc boat
1x transmitter
1x bag