Xe Tăng Rc M1A2 Của Mỹ Với Đồ Chơi Mô Hình Xe Quân Sự Nhẹ Toogli 1/24 27Mhz 40Cm

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Trọng lượng: 1.985 kg
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One Size
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Xe Tăng Rc M1A2 Của Mỹ Với Đồ Chơi Mô Hình Xe Quân Sự Nhẹ Toogli 1/24 27Mhz 40Cm

Basic informationBrand:ToogLi
Scale: 1/24
Power Adapter
Power adapter output voltage: 220v, 50Hz
Power adapter input voltage: 1.2v, 360mA
TransmitterFrequency: 27MHZ
Battery:4X AA(not included)
Control distance:about 15-20m
BatteryBattery: 3.7V  1200mAh battery(included)
Using time:about 15-20minuts
Material: ABS, Electronic component
Weight:1985g,with box
DimensionTank Size:L40*W15*H12cm
Box Size:45*35*20cm

-Tank Mobility: forward, back up, turn, turn in place, move aiming shot, 45 degree climb, true recoil simulation
-Acoustooptic analogue: barrel adjustment mechanical sound, crawler sound, turret rotating machinery sound, artillery firing sound, stationary idle sound, machine gun firing sound
-Turret attack force: left and right rotation, up and down, 330 degrees rotation, 30 degrees go up and down
Brand new and high quality.
1) Recommended for use on flat concrete floors
2) A cool decoration on your desk, you also can collect as a souvenir.
3) Lifelike model, bright khaki color, so cool! Easy to attract the attention of children.
4) Solid construction with flexible remote control, stable to work, perfect play experience.
5) Strong horsepower, high speed, multi-directional remote control, hurry up to try it.
6) With rechargeable battery to provide you about 2-3 hours to play, durable and collision-resistant
7) There are two front light, it can work on the dark environment, you will have a different experience.
8) Come with a button to adjust volume and stop working according your own need.
Package included:
1 x RC Tank(included the battery)
1 x Remote Control
1 x Antenna
1 x US Charger